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PHD911 is a premier provider of Personal and Healthl Data and information tools.

This service was created to protect individuals regardless of age, in the event of any Emergency be it Medical or Non-Medical in nature.

In a Medical Emergency, Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses have the ability to access and retrieve the Medical Records of a PHD911 member.

This can mean the difference between a quick recovery or a long and costly stay in a medical hospital.

In critical situations, it can sometimes mean the difference between Life and Death.

In a Non-Medical Emergency, police or law enforcement personnel will be able to identify your nationality and render assistance if required.

Medical or law enforcement professionals ability to contact your loved ones or your personal doctor will be invaluable especially if you are overseas.

Getting the contact of your own country’s Embassies worldwide is just a click away if you ever require help. For those of us that have ever lost our Passports during travel know the stress and nightmare that can happen.

All information provided would be kept strictly confidential and only members can update and upload their own information onto their own web page.

PHD911’s innovation in Personal and Medical records keeping and online access to your own personal and medical details round the clock has set a new standard for Internet healthcare consumers.

You are in control of your own personal and medical records and can retrieve and access this information 24/7 anywhere in the world using the Internet.

PHD911 will strive to continually improve and add services that will benefit our members. Bringing health resources to the world and putting you in control is the driving force behind PHD911

The best part of this service is that it is FREE.

Just go on and sign up right now and tell your family and friends about PHD911 and have Peace of Mind wherever you are in the world.

PHD911 Team

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