1. What is the PHD911 online service all about?

It is to empower individuals to store and control their own personal health data on the Internet, where it can be easily retrieved 24/7. 

Most people do not have access to their own personal health data because they do not see the need for it. However, in an emergency, the ability to access this information immediately and reliably is priceless. 

The best part of this service is that it’s FREE to sign up.

2. Ok, so what exactly do I get by signing up? 

In an emergency, medical, healthcare and law enforcement personnel attending to you will be able to access the following information about you:

Blood group

Medical or food allergies

Current or long term medication

History of surgical procedures (Stents/Ballooning/Pace Maker etc)

Next-of-kin contact information

Annual medical reports 

Past X-rays taken


3. Is it safe for me to store such confidential information online? 

Security is in place to view your personal health data. Ability to  access your personal health data by medical/law enforcement  personnel is crucial and benefits far outweighs any loss of  privacy issues during emergencies.


4. What is the PHD911 card?

The PHD911 card allows professional personnel attending to you during an emergency to know you have stored your personal health data online, as you should be carrying your PHD911 card with you at all times.

The front of your PHD911 card displays your photograph and basic information, including your blood group, any existing medical condition or disability and contact information of your personal doctor and next-of-kin. 

The back of your PHD911 card displays the contact numbers of embassies and consulates of your own country in the major cities of the world. A comprehensive listing of embassies is available here


5. That sounds like something useful to have. Where and how can I apply for the PHD911 card?

You can order your PHD911 card by logging in to your account and purchase PHD911 card.

Once we process your order, you will receive two copies of your card. We strongly recommend you keep one card in your wallet with you at all times, and the other with your travel documents.


6. How long will I need to wait to receive my PHD911 card?

Once you have made your online payment, it will take about 14 working days for two copies of your PHD911 card to reach you.


7. What if my PHD911 card is damaged, lost or stolen?

If your card is damaged or lost, you may order a replacement .

If your card has been stolen, please log in to your online account and change your keyword immediately to prevent unauthorised access to your personal health data. You may then proceed to order a replacement card.


8. Will my PHD911 card be renewed automatically? 

Your PHD911 Card is valid for 2 years, after which an email reminder will be sent to you for card renewal.

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