PHD911 Card

Congratulations on your signing up for the FREE service offered by PHD911.

Your Personal and Health Data is now stored online and can be accessed via the internet 24/7.

Guided by the Theory of Yin and Yang, the ultimate goal is to achieve balance.

You have done the first part by uploading all necessary Personal and Health Data onto your own web page.

To make it complete and balanced so that this service can truly HELP you in the event of any medical or non-medical emergency, you should consider ordering the PHD911 Card.

Without the PHD911 Card on you, there is no way for anyone to know that you have stored your Personal and Health Data online.

Two copies of the PHD911 Card will be sent to you and we strongly recommend you keep one Card in your Wallet or Purse and the other Card with your Passport

On the front of your PHD911 card is your Photo and basic information about you including your blood group, medical condition or disability plus the contacts of your personal doctor and next-of-kin. 

On the back of the PHD911 card is printed the contact numbers of embassies and consulates of your own country in the major cities of the world. A complete and comprehensive listing is available on www.phd911.com.

We offer a well-rounded package of complementary health information and personal health management tools at a very affordable price.

PHD911 Team

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